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Augustine Approved Augustine's Super Bath 50g

By: Augustine Approved

All you need to bathe your dog

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Product Description

Great for:

  • Perfect for Bathing
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Soothes Irritations
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Calms Hives

    Flower Infusion Bath Bag included.

    Directions for topical use

    Bathing - Place 5 grams of Calendula flowers inside the supplied Bath Bag and rest inside warm bath tub to infuse flowers. Alternatively if washing in a shower, rest bag inside a large plastic cup or bowl and pour in one litre of boiling water. Leave to infuse for five minutes. Mix with cold water to make touch safe and rinse over the dog.

    Use the Bath Bag (flowers still inside) as a sponge to scrub the dog. Hold and squeeze the sponge in trouble areas. Rinse off (rinse well if your dog has a white coat to avoid staining).

    Whilst no other shampoos or conditioners are needed if you decide to use them always finish with the Calendula flowers.

    Bandage - pour one cup of boiling water onto one teaspoon of dried flowers. Leave to infuse for five minutes. Place Calendula flowers in a bandage and apply to affected area.

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