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Freeze Dried Diced Quail By Fureeze 100g

By: Fureeze

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Understanding Freeze-drying

What is Freeze-dried?

Freeze-dried pet treats (in this case the freeze dried quail) are made using a special process that removes moisture from the raw ingredients while preserving their nutritional content, flavour, and texture. This method results in lightweight, nutrient-dense, and long-lasting treats that maintain their natural taste, making them a highly appealing and healthy option for pets.

Why Freeze-dried?

High Nutrient Retention

The freeze-drying process helps to maintain up to 97% of the total nutritional content of the quail, retaining essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are vital for your pet’s health.

Natural Taste

The freeze-drying process helps to preserve the natural flavour of the quail, making these treats highly palatable and appealing to both cats and dogs.

Long Shelf Life

The freeze-drying process removes moisture from the quail, resulting in a longer shelf life without the need for preservatives or artificial additive

100% quail

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. To be used as occasional treats or meal toppers.

Crude Protein (min.): 39.5%
Crude Fat (min.) 42.5%
Crude Fiber (max.) 5.5%

Why Freeze-dried Quail?

1. Top-notch Protein Source:
Quail is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, iron and macronutrients such as calcium, phosphor, zinc and more. It is aligned with the dietary requirements of both cats and dogs.

2. Taste that Stands Out:
Our freeze-drying method bestows quail with a satisfying crunch that pets can't resist. It's an unparalleled flavour treat, making it a favourite for picky pets and a great reward during training.

3. Genuine Quality:
At Fureeze, we're committed to integrity. Every piece of our quail meat remains untainted by additives or fillers, delivering only nature's best.

4. Tailored for Sensitive Stomach:
As a single-source protein, quail is gentle on pets with dietary concerns, making it an excellent choice for those on grain-free or specialised diets.

5. Consciously Raised:
Our quails are nurtured in spacious barns and nourished with premium grains, ensuring they live in a wholesome environment before they reach your pet's bowl.

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